Aboriginal Affairs

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Our Indigenous Law Practice includes matters relating to:
  • Governance, 
  • Land claims, 
  • Specific Claims under the Indian Act
  • human rights, investment on lands affected by Indigenous claims, 
  • Interaction of investors and lands affected by an Aboriginal claim.

Among other matters, John has:
  • acted for Ancestral Nisga’a Elders who challenged the Nisga’a Treaty based on their assertion that it violated key equality rights (the “Chief Mountain Challenge”) - as their lawyer, he assembled a litigation team consisting of some of Canada’s top lawyers and former judges;  
  • spoken and written broadly about the Chief Mountain Challenge;
  • created the Canadian Constitution Foundation, a charitable organization that defends individual rights when governments threaten them;
  • represented Indigenous persons in the negotiation of land claims and claims for other rights under the Indian Act; 
  • advised non-Aboriginal clients on matters involving Aboriginal rights;  
  • consulted with Indigenous people considering the formation of new bands under the Indian Act;
  • worked for British Columbia’s Deputy Minister of Constitutional Affairs on the research, negotiation, and implementation of Canada’s modern Constitution (summers of 1979, 1980, and 1981);
  • worked mostly in the French language for a Director of Constitutional Affairs in the Rene Leveque Government of Quebec (summer of 1982);
  • as Member of Parliament between 2008 and 2015, served on the Caucus Advisory Committee for the Minister of Aboriginal and Northern Affairs.  

Principles Which Guide John Weston's Thinking

For the benefit of all Canadians, especially those of Indigenous background, John believes treaties and agreements that affect Indigenous people or Aboriginal rights ought to reflect the following principles:
  •  Self-Sufficiency
  •  Certainty
  •  Accountability
  •  Transparency
  •  Equality, and
  •  Reconciliation

What People Are Saying....

Sganisim Simaugit 

Chief Mountain 

“My Nisga’a Eagle tribal name is Sganisim Simaugit Sagaween, also known as Chief Mountain.  

I first met John around 1999. He came into my life firstly as a lawyer who represented us in the British Columbia courts with the “Chief Mountain Challenge” to provisions of the Nisga’a Treaty.  

I liked John right away and he soon became a trusted friend. In early 2000 the Chief Mountain Wilp (Tribal House) adopted John as an honorary member of our Tribal Wilp. John’s Tribal House name is “Ama Dax Gadum Algahum Skag” - “Talking Eagle”. 

I believe John Weston is a man with a good heart for everyone. I support and stand beside him with full confidence.”

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