Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Public Speaking

People invite John to speak to them on topics such as Good Leadership, Indigenous Affairs, Government Relations, and Health and Fitness.

As elaborated in his recent book On!, John puts Values at the heart of Good Leadership.  Such an emphasis paves the way to consistent, fruitful results for people seeking to model good leadership in their actions and words.  

John’s passion in addressing Indigenous Affairs reflects his professional experience and his belief that there is no more important issue for Canada’s long-term peace, order, and good government.

John’s talks on Government Relations revolve around the notion that success comes from understanding the other parties’ motivations, as well as your own. 

In politics and personal life, and on the national stage as President of the National Health and Fitness Foundation, John has dedicated himself to helping make Canada the "Fittest Nation on Earth".  Professional organizations, schools, and health-related groups prize John's words in promoting Health and Fitness.

What People Are Saying....

"John’s easy listening style of speaking has a way of drawing the listener in. He connects with his audience, makes his points clearly, and leaves the listener with something to think about and respond to. He does exactly what you hope a speaker will do!"

Brent Russett, Senior Pastor Sunnyside Wesleyan Church

“I was enthralled by John Weston’s talk at the recent AAMC [American Association of Medical Colleges] Group on Faculty Affairs conference in Vancouver. He’s a Renaissance man - well informed, well traveled, multilingual, and accomplished in many areas. He’s also a person of unbelievable achievement coupled with great humility. It was a pleasure to hear him talk about doing things that really matter in society like establishing National Health and Fitness Day in Canada and describing how he works through developing relationships and showing indefatigable persistence. I was inspired. His message is vital and he needs to be heard.” 
Janis Apted Yadiny, MLS, Associate Vice President of Faculty and Academic Development at the UT MD Anderson Cancer Center. 
“While articulating the significant challenges that a sedentary lifestyle poses to both young and old alike, John provides critical insight and experience into how to move individuals and our communities forward towards a future that is healthier and more resilient.” 
Dr. Robert Tillman, Associate Director, Faculty & Academic Career Enhancement, THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS MD Anderson Cancer Centre, Houston, Texas
"I really enjoyed John's presentation and what was most appreciated by me was the inspiring message to a) get involved and b) keep it sustainable."
 Patrick O. Smith, PhD, ABPP, Chief Faculty Affairs Officer, University of Mississippi Medical Center, Associate Dean (Faculty Affairs) & Professor (Family Medicine), School of Medicine
John Weston’s address to our City in Focus was thoughtful, engaging, and relevant to our audience. He is an excellent motivational speaker and easy to work with.” 
 Tom Cooper, President, City in Focus

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